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Video voiceovers, audio books, voiceovers for ads, and much more - create your next voiceover just in minutes!

You don't have money for a professional speaker? That's not a problem. Create natural-sounding voiceovers with our A.I. based neural voice generator - for your answering machines, youtube videos, podcasts, audio books, games or whatever you can think of. Don't you know all those speech synthesis applications - which all sound totally fake? We have tried to program something special for you here. Of course it doesn't always sound 100% like a real person, but it's closer to reality than most other tools :). Also use the results commercially, you do not have to make attribution.

This on demand service costs 10 cents per 1000 characters (0,0001 Eur per character). The cost will be charged per character.

Just click on the play button next to each speaker to listen to a preview.

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Old non neural voices

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SRT subtitle file
Soon you can upload a SRT subtitle file here and our system will automatically create the appropriate audio file with suitable speakers for your video. We will even provide you with an automatic translation function for this. Blackmagic Davinci Resolve for example supports the creation of such SRT files and is even free of charge.

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